Monday October 26th

. Hobson tells me Whitmore was asked if it [presumably the tanning he received from the author] was a good one and answered in the affirmative. He is still somewhat quiet and his jauntiness to me has a defiant if forced note in it, or so it seems to me! Hobson and Marriott are more or less reconciled. Father had a long ‘jaw’ with Marriott today and gathered he got on with all the monitors save one. Father insisted on the importance with getting on with Hobson and he promised to make advances to him so I hear that a reconciliation, more or less surely on Marriott’s part but still a reconciliation, took place and they agreed to be as they were before i.e. only on the verge of a quarrel! But as Hobson says they will both try and give way a little to the other and probably they will get on better terms as time goes on, I am sure I devoutly hope so. I wondered what an unnatural calm meant in Marriott the last day or so, I suppose that he was thinking it over.

It poured with rain most of today so there was no station. I finished ‘Interplay’ by B. Harraden which I enjoyed though the end is unnecessarily morbid.

Dear JS remarks to Father today ‘Marriott is not as nice as he looks, he thinks he knows things he doesn’t’. I wonder how he has been annoying JS who rarely makes comments like that.

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