Monthly Archives: February 1909

Sunday February 28th

An entirely uneventful day for I stayed in all day and nobody came. We have thick snow here tonight and quite a bad snow-storm this afternoon. I feel coldified so I shall write no more.

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Thursday February 25th

A bleak and miserable day, bitterly cold and inclined to snow. Nothing of any interest has happened today, Brown has joined the majority with ‘flu.

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Tuesday February 23rd, Shrove Tuesday

We had Prep at 7.30 today instead of 7.15, no fresh cases this morning… A much shortened 3rd hour owing to the Pancake, the bell going at 12.30 and for once in a way I had a good view of … Continue reading

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Saturday February 20th

I write this on Sunday as I got back too late last night. I spent most of the breaks trying to get people to take the places of the ‘plague stricken’ and go to the Coronet Theatre in the evening … Continue reading

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