Monthly Archives: November 1908

Monday November 30th

Lord Macnaughton and Mr Justice Bigham and Parker have accepted for the play, the Marquis of Aylesbury has refused it; such is the Play news this morning. We racked our brains over newspapers this morning. I gather all the big … Continue reading

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Sunday November 29th

. Whitmore since his execution seems to have taken to his bed but I am relieved to hear with a sore throat and temperature, there does not appear to be any connection between the two!

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Thursday November 26th

I have been somewhat distraught all day at having lost the notes I took in John Sargeaunt’s last Friday before I had copied them in. I suppose that they will turn up some time. I am somewhat comforted by hearing … Continue reading

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Tuesday November 24th

The House has been unwontedly quiet and good the last two days owing to the absence of both Graham (who has been away some time) and Whitmore. Whitmore seems to have taken to his bed with a high temperature and … Continue reading

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Monday November 23rd

. We had a ‘Play’ today which was pleasant and unexpected. This afternoon Low and myself started off for a lengthy perambulation. Starting by going over Westminster Bridge we went in search of the book-barrows of which we had both … Continue reading

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Sunday November 22nd

Went to Abbey this morning. The Bishop of Melanesia preached, simply, shortly (and consequently mercifully!).

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Saturday November 21st

I read my paper before the Natural History Society this afternoon. It came out rather shorter than I had intended but I think people seemed interested although my little jokes were appreciated only in the moderate way most lecturers pleasantries … Continue reading

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