Sunday November 1st

‘Life’ as Mr Kenneth Grahame remarks ‘may be said to consist of things which come off and the things that don’t come off!’ I paid three calls this afternoon and all were out, whereat I was much pleased. I came back to find D. S. Robertson [an OW] having tea. He had been touring over Greece on a mule’s back and was quite interesting on his travels. I suppose he is one of the cleverest fellows Westminster has turned out for many years and has won almost everything he could win. I have a vivid recollection of his having me into Inner and lecturing me because I didn’t tell a monitor I had to leave off station for a lecture. I am afraid I never forgave him, though I should do the same myself now!

I did not go out again but wrote up the House Ledger and read much of E. V. Lucas’s new book ‘Over Bemerton’s’ with which I am perfectly charmed. It rambles on, with no particular story in a most delightful way. Two boys who come in are at Westminster and one goes to Bemerton’s (a bookshop) to sell a Hall and Knight’s Algebra being in need of cash! Visions of Chappie and others going up to Poole’s to raise money by the same means!

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