Friday December 4th

‘The World’ one of the papers asked this year for the first time [to the Latin Play], writes to thank for the tickets and asks if it may come down and take photographs so as to have a four (full?) page supplement of it. They also hope they say, in the same number to publish and interview with Gow in ‘Celebrities at Home’ and have written to him about it. It is worth inviting the papers if they return the compliment like this. I gather 45 papers were asked this year, usually only about 24 are invited.

Between Schools, Hobson, Sargeaunt and myself walked up to Sotheby’s to see the sale of the Amherst Library. Not much of the books to be seen but we saw, I think, a Cicero run up to ┬ú700 before Quaritch was able to buy it and almost the next book sold for 2/-!! I had never been to Sotheby’s before. Lord Amherst was in the background; it must be very beastly seeing one’s Library being bought up.

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