Tuesday January 19th

Went to Etheridge for the first time this term and I am afraid I was much disgusted to find Circuitt coming there too. I own to secret joy when a napkin was spoken of as a ‘serviette’ by him, though I will say for him that he is the best of an inferior lot, all of them being quite beyond the pale.

After Hall we had a Deb. Soc. Committee meeting in College and settled the Debates for the term and afterwards a Bug Soc. Committee on the question of buying this collection of moths and butterflies they are so keen about. About ┬ú12 has been collected and Wood was anxious to spend all this at once. But the cases have got to be repaired and glass put in the drawers so I ‘struck’ and said it was absurd to go an spend all our money before the cases were prepared and that we ought to lay aside ┬ú3 as a very liberal margin to cover all possible repairs and spend the rest on the moths. I maintained that we ought first to get an estimate for the cases and then and not till then buy the specimens to fill them otherwise we should land ourselves in debt. Barrington-Ward agreed and I carried my point.

Chiswicks were very noisy tonight having a battle on chairs rode astraddle, after standing the bumping for some time I had to go out and stop it, which I did not like doing but did it as pleasantly as possible.

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