Friday January 22nd

I am in a disgusting temper tonight, having got thoroughly cold taking Prep tonight, i hae been cold and cross ever since and also over-tired and miserably peevish, flying out at everything and everybody…

This morning Barrington-Ward told me that there was to be a School Case this evening. The case as I understand it is this, a boy called Hallward, a great lanky lout, has given a good deal of trouble lately in the 2nd Game, a day or so ago he did not put his name in the box and also went up and played forward when he was down to play Goal and generally ragged. So after Barrington-Ward has explained this to us and we agreed to convict we had him in and he came in with both hands in his pockets, to my intense disgust, and Barrington-Ward told him the nature of his offence and he swore he put his name in the box and that he had not caused confusion in the game. So we sent him out and after discussion there seemed to be no doubt of the two things alleged against him were true so we again agreed and had him in and Barrington-Ward told him that we didn’t see his excuses held and asked if he wished to lay his case before the Headmaster and he said ‘yes’. So there the matter rests.

As Barrington-Ward said to me afterwards it is a flimsy School Case but at the same time we had to proceed with it…Hobson tells me tonight that the 2nd Game is in a very bad state and the culprit is Clarke who manages it disgracefully and often doesn’t put up the game until long after Hall and there is a good deal of ragging going on. But at the same time I think Hallward has something of a case and may get his appeal.

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