Monday February 8th

No further light has been thrown on the robbery. Father made an oration after Hall today on the subject and saw everybody who was down-fields that day but nothing much was discovered except that people (boys) were going through the Under-Changing Room practically all the afternoon at not very long intervals and yet all the trousers appear to have been shifted and a thorough search made by the thief who went off 18/- the richer. I wish to goodness we could get a clue for it is abominable having it hanging over our heads and to feel that any suspicion should rest on anybody in the house is unthinkable.

Had to take a long Prep and Prayers this evening as Father had gone to hear Sven Hedin at the Geographical. Afterwards in a fit of madness clambered over Chiswick’s roof with Hobson and nearly brought the roof down or rather slates in clambering down. Beastly I thought it! Hobson regaled me later with thrilling accounts of his own adventures on the roof of the Abbey which he knows intimately, ledges with nothing between one and space. Perfect Nightmares. He really told one quite good story of how he and others were up on the roof when Home Boarders were being photographs in Cloister Green and how just at the critical moment when the photographer was saying ‘Now, please, steady’, one of them hurled a pigeon’s egg which after a graceful curl fell straight plumb on to the back of a Homeboarderite and the whole group broke up while Hobson and Co. rolled in the gutters on the roof of the Abbey in speechless merriment.

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