Saturday February 27th

The cold continues, Hobson, Pemberton and Graham made a slide down Yard this morning before breakfast on which they amused themselves.

How great a thing is fame; Tomlinson received a request from an unknown correspondent for his autograph today as winner of the Pancake!!

I have been glancing through what I think a very dull book the ‘Life and Letters of Sir Charles J F Bunbury’ the only thing which interested me was a ‘link with the past’. Sir Charles Bunbury (who died in 1886) notes in his Journal on February 4th 1859 that his Step-mother, Lady Bunbury when she was 10 years old she was taken by her aunt Lady Louisa to see an old lady of 110, a Miss Alexander; before they came away the old lady took her by the hand and said ‘Now, remember, my dear, you will one day be glad to remember — that you have yourself seen a person who was at the siege of Derry’. The Siege of Derry was in 1689; Lady Bunbury was born in 1783; the old lrish Lady, being a hundred years older, was therefore born in 1683 and must have been about 6 years old at the time of the siege. These ‘links’ have a fascination for me.

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