Monday March 1st, St DavidÔÇÖs Day

Except perhaps Low, I back I was the only Westminster boy who gave a thought to St David’s Day and yet 50 years ago it was a red-letter day at Westminster. The day on which ditch-leaping was indulged in and when the small boys tasted (literally) the horrors and delights of ‘The Black Joke’, ‘Spanking Sam’ or ‘Big Ben’. Where are they now, these ditches, the glory of our fore-fathers?…Someday I shall go ‘Ditch Leaping’ by myself armed with ancient maps and try to identify these famous ditches…

Anyhow Ditch-leaping would have been ghastly today with thick snow on the ground. I stayed in today and did a lengthy paper on Paley this morning. Really nothing else has happened today and if I am dull I can’t help it.

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