Friday March 5th

I returned to civilized life this evening and came back into School. I only went in first hour this morning, however, as I still feel not quite right, nor did I go into School this afternoon but went on an invalids walk down embankment as far as the Tate Gallery and came to the conclusion I always come to, namely that if I was Head Master of Westminster I would revive ‘Water’ tomorrow.

Came back to tea and Mrs Smurthwaite came in, she asked me to go out one day in their motor which of coursed warmed the cockles of my heart to her. She is very nice I think, a very superior parent, she was not unamusing on the subject of her son who she described as ‘an oddment’ and whom she said she had disgracefully spoilt! Talking of her chauffer who is Italian (I think) she amused us by saying he only knew 3 English phrases when he first came which he used with cumulative effect on cabmen and such like: ‘You peeg , You fule (fool) you, Dam(n)!!’.

Troutbeck decreed today that all who have had ‘’flu’ cannot be allowed to go down to Charterhouse, myself included.

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