Tuesday March 9th

I was so horrified at seeing the way our House Section was drilling this morning that I have spent the day in trying to get up keenness with I hope fair success. This morning was deplorable, no sting in the drill the whole Section as slack as could be and very bad. Miles and Graham the worst of the lot; I rowed everybody: I told ’em they must put their backs into it and make a decent fight to keep the cup. I even promised to drill myself if it would buck people up. I think I have made some impression but Hobson is so bad himself about getting drills, he wouldn’t have another this afternoon, when he might have and now won’t have one till Friday and perhaps not then.

I talked to Smurthwaite tonight and told him that if he was really weighed down by the cares of fagging he might share some of his labours with Frampton. I think the principal is wrong but it was such a grateful and pleased little person I sent away, it was worth it and it won’t hurt Frampton to do some of ‘the awful lot to be done(!)’ which troubles Smurthwaite’s soul.

Father had two very funny letters from the Smith family today by the same post. Mr Smith still very indignant (and rightly so) about Charterhouse calling in Sir Thomas Barlow, grave responsibility incurred by the school etc. etc. [presumably Mr Smith’s son had been taken ill at the match between Charterhouse and Westminster on Saturday] Mrs Smith, in private, ‘please do not let Mr Smith know I have written, mother’s know nothing of these things’!! Saying she expected Father was having irritable letters from her husband but he was not to take any notice. Mr Smith would cool down but when he came home tired from the city everybody came in for lectures. The boy was better and would cheerfully have stood in water up to his neck to see the match, she wasn’t alarmed herself and hoped he would soon be back etc!!

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