What happens next?

Tanner’s Election term at the school remains something of a mystery. When his journal was donated to the school it became apparent that the third volume was missing. We know Tanner must have continued to keep a record as the fourth volume, which covers 23rd-27th July, continues without any indication of a hiatus. In addition, Lawrence Tanner’s published autobiography ‘Recollections of a Westminster Antiquary’ he includes excerpts from his journal, including an entry dating from 14th May. Tanner did not go to Pembroke College, Cambridge until the Autumn, leaving school in July. Westminster Abbey Muniment Room hold the notebook he kept during Dean Robinson’s lectures which contains notes from the May meetings.

Naturally, we are working to uncover the fate of the missing third volume. in the meantime there will be a break from the serialisation until 14th May, and then again until late June.

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