Wednesday November 25th

Had breakfast with the family this morning.

The little Rawson (Baby Rawson) returned to School yesterday after a fortnight’s sojourn on an ‘astral plane’. He has been away for what Mrs Rawson writes ‘may best be described as confirmation’ but I do not gather that there is any ceremony, only meditation! I resisted the obvious question ‘Are you better?’

There was a masters’ rehearsal of the second half of the Play last night, but I gather it was not very good, very rough, Barrington-Ward tells me however that afterwards they took it in hand and rehearsed it again until midnight and got it much better. Ward is much annoyed with old Gow ‘whenever’ as he says ‘I make a dramatic pause, Old Gow says ÔÇ£get along ne quidem etc etcÔÇØ’!!!!

Talking of ‘Gowisms’ Low tells me that at Commem Gow said to Nichols ‘What are you doing now?’

‘I-I-I am wr-wr-wr-iting p-p-p-oetry’ says Nichols.

‘Oh! Are yer, what are yer doing for yer living?’ Poor, poor Poet — what a shock!!…

At last I have got the Father up to be photographed, we went to Jacolette’s this afternoon. Father was ‘took’ first in various unnatural attitudes, at least they looked so, intense woe depicted on his face! I followed and my handsome physiognomy (why did I try such a word!) was portrayed to what the man considered the best advantages. the result I expect will be a supercilious and haughty, not to say sill and conceited look on my pale and haggard countenance. However ‘time alone’ will show the results. At any rate I can give them away to my unfortunate friends. A photograph of Chappie I was given on Sunday is, I think, very good except they ought to have made him shut his mouth.

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