Thursday November 26th

I have been somewhat distraught all day at having lost the notes I took in John Sargeaunt’s last Friday before I had copied them in. I suppose that they will turn up some time. I am somewhat comforted by hearing that College and Ashburnham are well ahead of me in tannings; the former having had 24 (!) and the latter 13 or 14.

I basely deserted Deb Soc this evening for the first time this term and went up to Sandows, but only to arrange for a lesson and went on to Carlos Place and I saw Cousin Evelyn who is staying there. Got back just in time for tea and took Prep, writing up the Grantite [Review] during it.

We had great amusement tonight I was filling in the house ledger and went around asking Chiswickites their claims to fame.

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