Friday October 2nd

. My remark that the placards in Outer might now be removed having served their purpose has been effective. Later in the day I found the Votes for Women stuck up in the window and as no one was about I confiscated it!…

Lunch was rather an anxious time for me. Father left soon after we had begun to play Golf at Oxted so I was in command. I now realize, what I never quite realized before. how anxious Reed must have been sometimes. However, as a matter of fact there was no real contretemps, except with that love of ‘messyness’ so dear to some boys, somebody filled a mustard pot with ‘water to the brim’! I did speak out once and called Graham to order, so to say, but that was all. A bread pellet arrived near us but I wasn’t looking at the moment.

Went over to the new buildings to hear the first of a series of lectures by Wootton [a science master] on ‘Popular Science’. It would have been all right, though above my unscientific mind, only almost all his experiments were failures!…

Horribly bored in Prep tonight; Father didn’t come and relieve me till ┬╝ to 9. When I went in for prayers all the upper Hallites were standing up and out of their places. It is difficult to know quite what to do as this is really a ‘tannable’ offence, on the whole I think I shall speak to Hodgson and ask him how it happened and also mention the fact that Hall seems to me to be inclined to be noisy and he must stop it. Even the new boys were in bed when I went round so I suppose the word I said to their substances was efficacious.

It is pleasing to have one’s slightest word attended to and I devoutly hope it may last and it makes it so much pleasanter for me and I do hate asserting myself although I know it has to be done.

Photograph of Grant's Hall

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