Friday October 23rd

‘Dr Markham has left us to my no small grief’ writes – from Westminster in 1764 ‘our new master Dr Hinchliffe is I believe very good natured, he did not flog anyone the first week, but he has gone on at a good rate since’! Mutato nomine, it is equally true today for we had another ‘regrettable incident’ tonight. Briefly the facts were these: from about 1/4 to 7 to 7.15 I go in and talk to Aunt Mary in the Study. This evening while I was away the Hallites were making a great noise so HobsonHalled’ and told them to ‘shut up’. Instead of doing so the noise increased if anything and high above the din was heard Hodgson vainly telling Whitmore to ‘shut up’. Tonight therefore I had no other course but to have Whitmore up. He came in ‘eating’ if you please. However, I didn’t say anything on that but begun:

‘At about 7 o’clock you were making a disgraceful noise in Hall tonight, and you aggravated the offence by augmenting instead of decreasing the noise after you had been told to make less noise. Have you any excuse to make’

‘I didn’t know I was making much noise and I stopped after the ‘hall’

‘Oh!’ (better but not quite Reedian!) ‘Go out’

He irritated me by smiling in at Middle as he came in again. I then addressed him thus:

‘We have decided to tan you because unfortunately for you your case breaks down. After the ‘hall’ you were distinctly heard by name being told to ‘shut up’. You have been suffering from what is commonly called ‘swollen head’. I am perfectly aware that all this term you have been trying to see just how far you could go with me. You haven’t impressed me in the least. The only impression you have given me is that you are a very silly little boy. (He didn’t like this) It is your duty now to help keep order in Hall and prevent there being too much noise, but of course if you choose to behave like a little boy you must be treated as such. Go out’

‘Rather good’ remarked Hobson. I had to say ‘it was rather hot stuff wasn’t it?’ It was really Hobson’s turn but I exercised my privilege of deciding who should execute. Poor Hobson was aching to do it and offered to toss me for it but I had suffered under Master Whitmore too long and Hobson admitted he didn’t wonder that I wished to do it. I am sufficiently brutal to flatter myself I smote him pretty ‘tight’, I meant to and it was a somewhat different little boy who went out, with one hand behind(!), to he who came in. It will do some good I think and curb any idea I can’t hurt when I want to. It will, I trust, instil a wholesome feeling of respect and stop this too vigorous exhibition of the power of the Law which I have been forced to make this mark. I think the general opinion is expressed in a remark which some Chiswickite was making as I happened to pass ‘Of course he does make a lot of noise, but still..’ (sees me!!). This little remark amused me…

Hobson, Graham and Miles were reconciled tonight and are again on terms of friendship.

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