Wednesday October 28th

A Saint’s Day consequently somewhat of a rush to get into Abbey by 9. Gow preached on ‘These things I command unto you that ye love one another’ and told us about the work of the Mission and how it was out duty to support it in every way in our power. We sang ‘Love Divine, all loves excelling’ to the tune of the Austrian National Anthem which every time I sing it I think how fine it is and only to be compared with our own National Anthem which comes but a poor second to it.

Barrington Ward came up to me this morning and asked me if I had any objection to his making use of my article in the Globe [a school magazine] for the Elizabethan. I assured him I should be honoured which indeed I shall.

Actually got into the Commons which considering the crowds usually there is not always easy. Licensing Bill Committee: I heard Mr Samuel for the first time and think he is a good speaker with courteous manners, somewhat rare in this Parliament. Also heard Sir G. Parker who was silenced by Mr Emmott from the Chair who told him abruptly he was off the point..

Hobson tonight made an Alpine expedition over into the ‘little man’s’ garden, or rather on to the roof of his out houses and recovered to his own exceeding joy 19 Yard balls!

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