Saturday December 12th

Boult came down this evening and gave a private practice to the Professor who delivered himself of the opinion that he didn’t grow because he had too much on top! (i.e. presumably his large head and brains). He is a queer child.

Father was rightly somewhat annoyed to find Whitmore and Mason calmly sitting in ‘Outer’ this evening as (so Whitmore says) they couldn’t find him they took ‘French leave’. Well I was in the study almost all the evening and Whitmore didn’t come in! It is such calm cheek for two Hallites, sometimes as a great favour when Outer is empty and so as not to keep two fires going Hallites are allowed in, or perhaps by special invitation, but to take it as a right is pretty cool and as Father remarked with very little extension would mean they could do anything they liked if he wasn’t there. It is really almost a case for me and if it wasn’t the end of term I really think I should have them up. I may do yet.

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