Friday December 11th

D. M. Low has got his Oriel Scholarship. Really I fell quite honoured to have two such distinguished friends. A scholar of Balliol, a scholar of Oriel and a fool in the middle.

All the papers seem to have very laudatory accounts of the Play I am glad to say. Ward gave me his little poem for the Grantite this morning.

A most astonishing thing happened today. The VIIth had a ‘play‘ and Low came up and said ‘can’t you get a play and come out with me’ so I waylaid Gow coming out of Hall and said ‘do you think I could have a play today’ and to my amazement instead of the expected snub, he nodded his head. Consequently Low and myself rummaged in Print shops this afternoon and were quite happy. I got a little one of Lord Chief Justice Eyre from whose great-great Uncle I am descended.

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