Thursday January 14th

Lent Term begins

I was down in comparatively good time for breakfast this morning which is more than I can say for most of the house which was disgracefully late. Father made a raid into Big Dormitory and hurried them up a bit! I got down in good time for Abbey and went in with Rawson and Hobson. Saw most of my friends afterwards. Barrington-Ward remarked as he shook hands with me that he had only shaken hands with four Town Boys, all he cared to do, different from former times. He, of course, thoroughly approved of my view of the Marriott question. There has been no earthquake, on the contrary nothing could have been more dignified than Marriott. I am amazed, no word has been uttered, we conversed, Hobson included, with the utmost friendliness at lunch. I sincerely trust that this will last, it is entirely to Marriott’s favour, and no one is more pleased than myself..

The bulge in the ceiling of the big-room up Library which I pointed out to Nall and which the Carpenter said was quite safe, has now been thoroughly examined and pronounced to be very unsafe and all the top story seems to be in a bad condition. ‘Talk about jerry-building now’ says John Sargeaunt ‘look at these old houses!’. The immediate effect is that Tyson and Gow no longer take their forms in the room next the Music Room and quietness reigns supreme overhead!!…

Smurthwaite has not come back having injured himself so what will happen to the fagging of the House I don’t know, I have temporally made the unfortunate Sorley, lag of Hall.

Hobson made me feel distinctly ill by dissecting and skinning a poor little tit which he had shot and we scrutinised various portions of its inside under a microscope. Horrid!…

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