Wednesday January 13th

We came up from Oxted by the 4-4 and got to Dean’s Yard about 5 o’clock. The Dean and Chapter having with their usual brilliance chosen this time to relay Dean’s Yard, consequently we had to drive round by way of Great Smith Street.

Frampton (who incidentally has blossomed out into ‘tails’) arrived almost simultaneously with us and from about 6 o’clock onwards there was a fairly continuous stream of arrivals. I employed the meantime (5 to 6) in getting my hair cut and umbrella recovered, paying bills etc. Hobson arrived soon after dinner and together we discussed the Marriott question, whether he ought or ought not to be made a monitor. Both he and I are strongly against it, I consider that it would only lead to constant friction and quite apart from the House I think it would be most undesirable to give more power than is absolutely necessary to the Marriott set in the school. I wrote and asked Gordon Reed’s opinion, his answer was delightfully characteristic, of course I knew he loathes Marriott with an unholy loathing. Eventually we have decided to keep him as he is for another term, but I wonder how bad the earthquake will be tomorrow.

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