Monday September 28th

Two photographs of R.E.C. GordonGordon arrived 3rd hour and had to be persuaded to come ‘up’ Library which he eventually did but seemed afraid of being caught. He has grown a moustache in 2 months which so fascinated me I could hardly keep my eyes off it.

We had a singing practice up-School at 4.40 which was less irreverent than usual owing to Gow standing at the table. It was too much for me, however, when Ranalow suddenly asserted himself: ÔÇ£Boys, Boys (dead silence) you don’t drop down a note in the second verse it goes like this: tum tumty ta tum tumpty te tatatum!!ÔÇØ Gow was all but laughing.

After tea the new boys ‘walked the mantelpiece’, a somewhat anxious time for me as I had to be there to catch them if they fell. They all got over. safely though there were some anxious moments. Sorley however fell right off just before he ought to have jumped on to the table. Fortunately Miles caught him full and I was there also so he wasn’t a bit hurt. I led the clapping and said it was sufficient, to cheer him up.

When I took round allowances I said to the 3-bedder something about it not being as bad as one expected and the ‘Philosopher’ replied in his precise way ÔÇ£Oh! No. Only I am so stumpyÔÇØ! Which reminds me that somehow (I don’t think by me as far as I can remember I have been particularly careful) his Philosophic turn of mind has leaked out and when he was about to ‘walk the mantelpiece’ there were cries of ÔÇ£Go on ProfessorÔÇØ etc!! He took it all in the true philosophic spirit.

I took Prep in semi-darkness owing to the Electric Light Globes having become black.

I found the 3-bedder out of bed when I got up at 9.30 and had to tell them that they must try and get in in time. Worked on down in Inner till 10 and then walked round Dean’s Yard for a breath of air. I am pleased today I seem to be establishing better relations with people, I am glad to say. Custom I suppose is too strong for the outerites for I heard an audible ‘cave‘ once when I opened Inner Door!

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