Friday January 29th

Woke up with a raging headache so stayed in bed instead of getting up for Prep and eventually got down in time for breakfast at 8.15. The headache tanks to a strong dose of sal volatile passed off soon after lunch.

I heard from Mrs Murray Smith today asking me if I cared to go to any of Benson’s productions at the Coronet and asking if I thought any of my friends would like to come. This was somewhat vague as I did not know whether she meant to take the whole Shakespeare Society as she did last year of not, furthermore she wanted an answer this morning, so I showed the post-card to Gow and asked if I might go and see her, on which he promptly gave me leave off 2nd hour! So I sallied out only to find she was out so I said I would come back and walked up to Christie’s (not much of interest) and then came back and was just writing a note when she came in and I found she did want to take us all. We arranged to go to Richard III on Saturday evening February 20th, it is really nice of her. I see that Miss Genevieve Ward is acting the Queen. I saw it at Stratford this year and though it very good, one of the best of Benson’s productions. I also invited Barrington-Ward who said that he would like to come, so I am quite pleased. I eventually got back just as the bell was ringing at the end of the hour.

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