Saturday February 6th

The Doctor (Troutbeck) strongly discouraged my going to Tooting today to have tea with Forbes so in spite of sketches to show me the way which arrived this morning, I wired to say that I couldn’t come.

Low wrote me a little note inviting me to tea if I was well enough tonight so I wrapped up and went over. I found that I was the only ‘alien’, the party consisting of most of the Ashburnham Upper, that is to say Low, Ham, Goodall, Jerrold, Oxley and myself. We had a very pleasant little tea but conversation was mainly between Low and myself. I apologised for having to spoil the symmetry of their mantelpiece by having at some future date to remove the Junior House Football Cup. They asked me when I was coming for it, naturally as Low remarked they are in no hurry. I was glad the subject was broached as it is etiquette that the holders shall make the first advances.

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