Tuesday February 16th

Mr Pryhe (Canon of Exeter) came unexpectedly to lunch today, he always loves coming down to Hall and today he found me in the seats of the mighty. Talking of the King he said he ‘will now be more German than ever’ with reference to his German visit. He said that the Bishop of Truro told him that when he went to pay homage, the King said referring to the Cathedral ‘you will not like Truro (rolling the ‘r’ in a very German way) as much as Ely’. The Bishop told the King that he had had a meeting at Ely of all the Deans in the kingdom and that they all said that Ely was the finest Cathedral in England, save one!!’ ‘Ach! Goot!’ said the King!

Afterwards we went out to see the Procession and after exertions on Father’s part the School were allowed right out on the pavement. We had with us Mr Pryhe, Aunt Daisy, Maggie Knox, Aunt Mary, Aunt Louie and a friend. By dint of strenuous efforts we got together some boys and made quite a decent row to greet the King. It is very striking the lack of cheering at these processions until they reach opposite the School and I doubt if they would cheer properly unless someone started them. As it was Father and myself wiggling on the tips of my toes in my loyal excitement shouted until we were blue in the face. It is always a very pretty little procession and today was no exception. Both King and Queen looked very nice and were bowing nobly. The procession returned about half-an-hour later and we again or rather I alone, Father having moved off, made a good deal of noise!…

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