Wednesday March 17th

Father not getting up to Early Prep I had to make a special effort and got down in time to take it. Hobson with lamentable lack of faith arrived a few minutes late to take Prep thinking I wasn’t down! Later the question arose whether we were expected to go to the Deanery this afternoon and as no one seemed to know, Low and myself got leave from Gow to go round to see the Dean during 1st school and find out and also to explain that Ward, Williams and myself would be away. We saw Rackham who told us that anyhow both the Dean and he had arranged to go out so we couldn’t have the lecture.

I was late for prayers, Burrell kept me to wish me luck at Cambridge as I am pleased to say did many others. Father went to Oxted by the 1.30 so I had to preside at lunch and quell any tendency to bread-throwing etc! Afterwards I collected the Sports Subs and names and eventually had rather a rush to catch the 3 o’clock from King’s Cross which I managed to do aided by a taxi. I got a carriage to myself. I find Goodall, Gray, Williamson, mad Fletcher besides myself represent Westminster (besides McCarthy, who left some time ago, and Longhurst a terrible outsider who, to my horror, is I see going to Trinity)

I went and saw Mr Hadley about 6 and had dinner in Hall and felt rather out of it though I had Williamson to talk to whom I asked back to my rooms afterwards. I was agreeably surprised in him and we talked away for an hour or more. My rooms are very nice one on the first floor belonging to one Readman and looking out over the Fellow’s Garden on one side and the Hall on the other. The walls were adorned with types of feminine beauty not of the highest ‘the College Girl’ etc!! I sat up working till near eleven.

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