Thursday March 18th

A struggle with a patent coffee-pot brought me into communication with my bedmaker Mrs Ward, a typical specimen reminding me of Mrs Crupp who ‘thanked ‘evin she ‘ad someone to care for at last!’

I went round in good time to the Corn Exchange — that most terrible of buildings whose unspeakable ugliness is completed by the statue erected to Mr Jonas Webb (over life size!) ‘by his friends’ and displaying the lamentable fact that Mr Webb’s tailor as a trouser maker left much to be desired! Bob Horton looking very much harassed was among those in for Pt 2. I had the satisfaction of sitting within two of a grandson of Tennyson. The Paley Paper was easy as was the Geometry on the whole in the afternoon. I went to tea with A E F Wood who has rooms in what is commonly called the ‘spittoon’!! (Whewell’s Court). Found Gray and Goodall, Jardine and Le Blond there so a Westminster party, especially as Maxwell came in later. Not very entertaining, went on from there with Jardine to see Robertson and raise a Cambridge Letter out of him for the Grantite. Dined with Wood at Buol’s at 8 o’clock who gave me a good dinner which I doubt I could afford and generally was very hospitable. As I really hardly knew him it was very noble of him; I do not dislike him at all and on Westminster he was quite sensible. I should imagine he is trying to live in a smart set with not conspicuous success! Returned to my rooms about 9.30.

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