Friday March 19th

I went to breakfast (not being able very well to get out of it) with Jardine this morning who has rooms in Park Street. Roxborough, an Old Carthusian whom I knew slightly as he was a friend of Boult‘s and one Brown, a Marlburian, a delightful person I should think and to whom I took very much, were my fellow guests.

Got safely to the Corn Exchange in time, though I nearly lost my way, and had but an indifferently nice Arithmetic and Algebra paper. In the afternoon wrote an Essay on ‘The purposes of the Chorus in Henry V’ and a bad essay it was, I wished I had decided on ‘The Comic Scenes of the Play’ one of the alternative subjects. I got a good deal of amusement out of watching the various vacant faces round me madly seeking inspiration in all directions and then writing furiously for a few minutes. I got all my thinking done in the first ┬¥ hr and wrote for the next ┬¥ hr. One good man (an undergraduate) went out in ┬¢ an hr and as soon as he had gone the Examiner pounced upon his essay and read it with a slow smile on his face which amused people.

I was one of the last to go and having packed my things, I had previously parted on the best of terms with my bed-maker, walked up to the Union and read the papers eventually catching the 4.35 back, an undergraduate laden train.

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