Tuesday March 23rd

I have had a very bitter disappointment. Grant’s were beaten by HBB in the Final for the Shield by 2-0. There is no doubt they were the better team but the defeat has made me very miserable and depressed. I wanted so much to win the Shield to show that a non-athletic Head was no bar to athleticism in the House. It is the first reverse I have had since I have been Head and it is a very bitter one. ‘Wise men ne’er sit and wail their woes’. It can’t be helped and we did our utmost and made a very hard fight for it. We must now try and get the Cricket.

We had, of course, a Play today; after Hall I went up College and looked at some engravings the Elizabethan Club have given to the School which are rather nice.

I am too sad and sorry to write more tonight. ‘Of comfort no man speak’.

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