Monday March 29th

I heard this morning from Mr Hadley to say that I was qualified to enter Pembroke College. The Gazette also came and much to my amusement I see Bob Horton got through while Tennyson’s grandson did not!

I sat on Sedgwick after Hall as I discovered he had not put his name down for a ball which ‘shied’ on Saturday. Most unfortunately for him I was looking out of the window at the time. Some money in a purse which he ‘lost’ some time ago has been mysteriously returned to him by being replaced in one of his pockets. It is suspicious as Father asked Minchin yesterday whether the Pageboy had been in the pantry all the time when the money was supposed to have been stolen early this term. Did Minchin mentioned this to the boy and frighten him? It is not above suspicion that here we have the culprit. Anyhow, which is as well, Sedgwick looks on the matter as a practical joke.

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