Tuesday March 30th

Three times out of four we have beaten Home Boarders in a week. This evening Hobson F. and Graham won us the Gym Cup by a comfortable margin, King’s Scholars being second and Home Boarders last. Thus except Seniors (alas!) we have won everything we could win in my year of office.

As Home Boarders are the holders I shall have the greatest joy in teaching them manners and showing how the Senior Boarding House conducts itself, when it wins a cup, in a leisurely and courteous fashion. As it is so near the end of term I shall give them tomorrow to invite me to come and fetch it and if they make no sign I shall go the next day to Bonner, the Head of House, and ask when they would like us to come and fetch it and I shall suggest Friday or Saturday!! If I can get a chance I shall, with great pleasure, make some remark about not being in a hurry to ‘grab’ our winnings!!!

I do dislike doing things for the last time and it saddened Lit. Soc. tonight for me to remember it was the last time I should be present as Head of House and when next they meet I shall only be an insignificant member of Cambridge University.

We are now in the throes of measles. Young Miles and Radford have failed and Collier has been taken home, the upper landing is pleasantly scented with carbolic! More cases expected.

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