Lawrence Tanner is taking a holiday…

I hope you have been enjoying the serialization thus far. Unfortunately, Lawrence Tanner only kept his journal during term time. We will resume in January with his next entry.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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One Response to Lawrence Tanner is taking a holiday…

  1. Gerard McSweeney (Member, St Albans & Herts Arcitectural & Archaeological Soc) says:

    I shall miss (temporarily) Lawrence Tanner’s daily comments on his world. He is growing in confidence in his position and still combining authority and lenience, where required. The academic & debating standards appear to be excellent & it would be interesting to know the subjects he is taking.
    I was amused some time ago at Smurthwaite’s enthusiasm to do jobs; he seems to hero-worship L.T.. which says a lot for the latter.
    A Happy Christmas & thank you for the daily entertainment.
    Gerard McSweeney

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