Wednesday September 30th

This evening completed my first week as Head of the House and on the whole I think I ought to be satisfied with the result. At any rate I have settled down and the House has accepted me better than I thought they would and though I haven’t tried to assert myself much still I find things go on mostly as they should.

I spoke eventually to Tomlinson only and just said he really mustn’t play about with Hallites. I think perhaps I ought to have been blind about it — I don’t know, I am sure. Whitmore I did not speak to. I think that it began with the Chiswickites over who should have the cushion on Father’s chair.

Photograph of C.J.C. Hodgson and H.F. Whitmore

I eventually got hold of Sorley after Hall and walked him round Cloisters. I rather gathered the same as Father, he was desperately anxious to tell me he got on very well with his Dormitory but he seemed on weaker ground about the others. I tried to be comforting and give him what help I could. I also spoke a word in Hodgson’s ear and he said that he hadn’t noticed anything but would certainly stop it if he did.

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